Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Relief Of The Cross

I pray that I'll never forget the terror my 17-year-old heart felt as I turned the pages of my Bible and discovered that I deserved eternity in hell. That gruesome discovery prepared me to receive the Good News that, by His death on the Cross, Jesus Christ paid my debt so that I can enjoy everlasting life with Him in heaven.

Can anyone appreciate the wonder of the Cross apart from truly confronting his or her absolute depravity? No. As long as someone continues in the delusion that he or she can contribute anything to his or her salvation, the Cross loses its significance...and its beauty. But when a person fully understands Christ's amazing love in suffering the wrath of God that rightly belonged to him or her (that rightly belonged to me!), the Cross symbolizes  glorious freedom. And that freedom from sin and guilt indeed makes me happy.


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  1. The idea of our utter depravity prior to being saved is so repulsive to our fleshy desire to think of ourselves as "not really THAT bad"...however the scriptures do not lie.

    Sadly I believe that is the demise of many who think they are saved, but time will reveal whether they are or not...those in the Lord will worship HIM ALONE, not anything that suits our silly vanity or pride.

    Recently I had the misfortune of seeing someone "fall from grace" began with this person's rejection of his/her depravity...then a rejection of hell...then the confession that he/she never believed there was a resurrection of Jesus, and that all of the Bible is probably a collection of myths.

    The devil is subtle and crafty. He knows our weaknesses, and sometimes what we think are our strongest points (our loving kindness, our worldly wisdom and education, etc) can cause the pride that causes our demise and rejection of what Jesus had to do to remove us from the filth of sin.

    The Bible says there will be a great falling away...perhaps we are seeing the beginning of that?


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