Thursday, April 3, 2014

Questions Of A Musical Variety

He looked at me quizzically, asking, "Would non-Christians come if we  did hymns?"

So today I asked a Jewish friend what sort of music she would expect if she visited a church. Her answer that she'd expect hymns didn't surprise me, but her following comment did. She told me (although I didn't ask) that she'd be less likely to pay a second visit to a church that had contemporary music, and more likely to return if a church had hymns.

I tried to survey my non-evangelical friends on Facebook about this question. So far, no one has responded. I hope they will, as I seriously want to know whether or not exchanging hymns for contemporary praise music really does attract people to church.


  1. I hate money and I hate matter what you do, you are wrong

  2. I think the contemporary stuff is watered down...people today (most) want everything quick, easy, abbreviated, comfortable, and accepting (of sins as well as the sinner, although most churches won't actually come right out and say this, on closer examination, this is the underlying current). I think that those who are drawn by contemporary music and repulsed by old time hymns, are probably not saved. I don't think you can "save them" by pulling a bait and switch on them. Conviction of sin and the knowledge that God forgives sin is still the only way Jesus provides for salvation. He hasn't changed.


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