Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Favorite Holiday...An Explanation

I love Easter! I love wearing a new dress and hat, both with pastel colors that herald  springtime's very welcome arrival. I love the unbridled joy as people enter church, and the trumpet-shaped Easter lilies placed artfully around the pulpit. I love seeing little girls in their frilly  dresses.

Most of all, I love celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! I love His authority over the power of sin, and His assurance that God accepted His sacrifice on the Cross. I love knowing that His resurrection can be easily verified, therefore validating everything He taught. I love the demonstration of His deity, and the amazing promise that He will one day raise me up to live with Him!


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  1. Easter Sunday (or "Resurrection Remembrance Sunday") has always been a beautiful, sunny, wonderful day as long as I can remember. This winter has been long, dull, cold, often windy, and just plain unglorious imo. Even the previous Sunday was cloudy and snowing and windy and horrible....however, yesterday, although cool, was sunny and bright and BEAUTIFUL!!! It again stands as a reminder to me of the gloriousness of that first resurrection morning. :)


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