Friday, April 25, 2014

Motherhood's Dangerous Potential

Last night, as I scrolled through my Twitter feed, I happened on Wintery Knight's recent blog post about a Barna Research survey that shows 53% of Christian women value their families over their relationships with the Lord. I'd like to say the statistic shocked me. Sadly, it didn't.

Now, I well understand that, because I don't have children, I can't imagine what emotions a mother experiences toward her children. Additionally, I appreciate, admire and honor women who buck the tide of feminism and put the needs of their children before their career goals and/or their personal satisfaction. Indeed, Scripture affirms motherhood, and I wish that I could have served the Lord by raising children to know  Him. So I want to acknowledge my inability to fully empathize with mothers. Perhaps they genuinely believe they honor God by making motherhood their highest priority.

Having said these things, I well remember times when I subtly put ministry before my relationship with the Lord. Naturally, I'd rarely admit that fact. After all, wasn't it Christian ministry? Yet I'd neglect praying, reading the Word and  letting Him deal with my sin in favor of over-involvement in activities that  caused other Christians to praise my faithfulness.

Motherhood is a beautiful ministry, and most likely the most difficult and demanding ministry possible. But, like the various ministries I enjoyed, it has the dangerous potential of becoming an idol. When a woman treasures her children more than she cherishes the Lord Who purchased her with His blood, she does them the disservice of modeling idolatry. Dear sisters in Christ, please teach your  children, by example, the importance of loving Jesus more than anyone or anything else.

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  1. So true. I do have children, one grown & one almost grown, & I realize sadly that I put them before God sometimes when they were younger. Now I see repercussions of that. Had I known then what I know now, I would've daily put more focus on God, His authority, His glory, & His sovereignty then I would've loved them more. Now I understand that my children are not mine but God's & He gave them to me only for a short time not to realize for myself but for Him. I'll be held accountable for that.


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