Sunday, April 27, 2014

Heaven's Crowning Glory

During yesterday's Bible Study with our friend Dave, and again during today's sermon at church, people touched on the idea that heaven's focus will revolve exclusively on the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

Although you may (and certainly should) think I've just stated the obvious, consider the common remarks evangelicals make about heaven. We talk about the questions we'll ask Him, or wonder what age we'll  be. We eagerly anticipate reunions with loved ones and look forward to lengthy conversations with  Moses, Paul, Augustine, Calvin, Spurgeon and Francis Schaeffer.  We look forward to fully functional bodies that no longer require medications, doctors or wheelchairs (I've lost count of all the people who plan to dance with me).

All those fantasies of heaven miss the point. Heaven centers entirely and exclusively in Jesus, and we will finally worship Him without the hindrance of self-regard. We will bask in His glory, awed by Who He is and humbled by His inexplicable love for us. Mostly, we will crown Him as our King! And we'll understand that He makes heaven...well, heaven!

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  1. So true, DebbieLynne, it really doesn't matter what I (or the collective "we") think about what heaven will be like because Jesus is perfect, and we will be "like Him" (not Gods and Goddesses, however, our priorities and thoughts will be like His--we won't create other worlds like Mormons think will happen, and we have a beginning which God does not) heaven will be like Jesus, perfect and wonderful yet not overdone like today's celebrations etc, it will be humble as He is humble, yet glorious as He is glorious, and we won't truly know what it will be until we awaken in His sweet presence. Oh happy day!


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