Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Defending Duplicate Bandwagons

People love jumping on bandwagons, and apparently I follow the "discernment ministry" crowd in our own bandwagons that warn against the various evangelical fads that lead professing Christians away from sound Biblical doctrine. Yes, Reformed  Christians drive our own  bandwagons to protest the proliferating number of unbiblical bandwagons that attract undiscerning evangelicals.

Often, I come to this blog agitated by other bloggers' critiques of various assaults on the sufficiency of Scripture. I want to add my voice to theirs. My love for God's Word and my ability to write lead me to believe that I  can, and should, add to the conversation.

So I must determine whether I am, in fact, adding, or merely duplicating. And, if I'm merely duplicating, I need to ask whether or not that duplication really violates any Christian code of ethics.

The writer in me insists that I should strive for some degree of originality, rather than simply echoing the concerns of other bloggers. But such a perspective, when I seriously think about it, becomes more about asserting my supposed intellectual prowess than about contending for the faith. So what if I echo men and women who stand firmly on Biblical principles? As long as I examine their points and make sure that they really do line up with Scripture, why shouldn't I link arms with those whom I recognize as more knowledgeable than I?

I have readers that may not look at the blogs that inspire me. Some of my readers believe the poor teachings that waft through evangelical circles, seeing no contradiction between these teachings and Scripture read in context. Although I frequently post things to Twitter and Facebook that more erudite people write, I strongly suspect that my friends and followers are more apt to read my blog than the blogs I recommend.

Consequently, I'll jump on bandwagons by reputable bloggers who handle Scripture properly, risking accusations that I do little more than duplicate their points. Rather than build my reputation as an original writer, I want to glorify the Lord by standing with other Christians who honor His Word by repudiating false doctrine. The Lord's glory means more to me than opinions about my writing.

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