Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Any Rich Uncles Out There?

Spring has yet to arrive in Boston, but temperatures have at least moderated enough to allow me and John to resume our infamous Adventures. So yesterday, despite only 56 degrees and clouds, we made our way to Boston Commons, unsure where we would go  from there.

From the Commons, I spotted a view of "my house." A few years ago, I'd first noticed the brownstone because of its green shingles and the trees on the roof. Since then, John and I have referred to it as my house, particularly  when the Fox25 camera from the Beacon Hill studio includes it in weather shots during their morning show. I insisted that John take yet another photo of it, just as I do almost every time we're in the Commons.

As a change from our usual routine of going through the Public Garden, we got to the corner of Charles and Beacon, crossed Beacon and turned right toward the State House. I wanted to find "my house."

Beacon Street has a charming brick sidewalk with sporadic dips that make it either challenging or interesting to negotiate in power wheelchairs, depending on one's attitude. Since we passed so many fascinating and historic houses, interesting would better describe my state of mind as I conquered its idiosyncratic terrain.

At last we located "my house," appropriately standing on the corner of Beacon and Joy.

Looking to my left, I saw a small sign leading to a downstairs entrance that identified the building as The Tudor (which I later searched for on my computer)--luxury apartments and  condominiums.

Once we crossed Joy Street, we could turn back and take a picture of The Tudor in its majesty, even capturing a glimpse of the penthouse garden.

Since yesterday,  my love for The Tudor has grown, and I find myself wishing I had a rich uncle to put me and John up in one of its units. But knowing that real people (and lots of them) actually live there, I suddenly feel a bit shy about calling it "my house." That said, I know that I'll continue to look for it whenever I  go to the Boston Commons, and that it will still enchant me.

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