Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Guilt I Embrace

"If following Christ becomes illegal, will  there be enough evidence to convict you?" Several years ago, emails asking that question regularly found their way into my inbox. I'm surprised, and actually more than a bit saddened, that I don't see "photos" with that question scattered about my Facebook feed. Although the question (especially if asked soon after I've had an outburst of anger) makes me uncomfortable, I appreciate the challenge.

And it certainly does challenge me! Admittedly, if a jury examined the hard drive of my computer, read my blog and looked though my Facebook and Twitter accounts, they'd reach a guilty verdict without much  deliberation. My online activity makes my devotion to the Lord unquestionable.

But would the testimony of my family, friends and associates cast reasonable doubt? What about my neurologist, who asked me once again to consider a treatment that I've consistently refused for six  years? Or the train conductor who tried to board us on the Quiet Car? Would these people, who see my self-will and my use of anger be willing to identify me as a Christian?

Thankfully, the Lord Himself knows that I hate my rebellious behavior that  contradicts His commands. And He knows that I depend on His shed blood, rather than my performance, to make me presentable to the Father. Furthermore, though I slip much too often into sin, His Holy Spirit gives me both a hatred for my  sin (because it dishonors Him) and the ability to resist temptation in favor of holiness.

So yes, if Christianity becomes illegal, the evidence would convict me. And I praise  God for making me that faithful to Him.

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