Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When Saying Less Means More

A difficult decision that John and I face hinders me from blogging freely lately. If I blog about the various issues involved, I know I'd be making not-so-veiled attempt at jabbing the parties with whom we disagree, and such a backhanded approach wouldn't honor the Lord. So I've backed away from blogging much about the topics uppermost on my mind, unwilling to put myself in a position where my concerns for Scriptural integrity could be construed (rightly or wrongly) as personal attacks.

Calling out doctrinal error definitely has its time and place. I believe this blog is the place, and I will return to openly examining teachings and trends that undermine sound doctrine and godly behavior. At this particular time, however, I can't trust myself to present such arguments without a Told-You-So attitude. And honestly, that attitude wouldn't honor Christ.

In the past, I've recklessly vented negative emotions in this blog, and people have faithfully corrected me for my irresponsibility. Although I didn't enjoy the correction (it hurt me, to be honest), I've learned from it. I've learned, specifically, that this blog is not the appropriate venue for airing my innermost feelings. My readers also have feelings...feelings I unnecessarily hurt through my tirades. Even worse, I dishonored the Lord in those rants, perhaps discrediting myself a bit as someone who could then defend His Word.

So please bear with blog posts that don't talk much about the Lord or  His Word, understanding that nearly everything I'd write right now would tie into this very painful situation confronting me and John. If I write about Boston, digital art or Youtube videos for a few weeks, please understand my motive to avoid using my blog as a bully pulpit against the other people involved. In time, I'll again be blogging about the Lord boldly, but for now, let's enjoy lighter conversation.

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  1. Praying with you, DebbieLynne, Romans 8:28 is always my default position to remind me the Lord has this <3


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