Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Sooner The Better

If tomorrow's weather cooperates, John plans to take me to our favorite local diner for lunch, and I'm eagerly anticipating a date without having to use The RIDE. We've had a rough month emotionally, and expect  circumstances to grow worse before the Lord intervenes, so we feel the need for some fun together.

As much as I look forward to enjoying a fun time with my husband, I look forward even more to Christ's return. I'm no expert in eschatology, but this world is quickly losing its appeal as more as more professing Christians turn to worldly devices, choking out the very Word they claim to follow. I'm not so bothered that the secular world embraces sin with increasing boldness (why should anyone expect otherwise?), but the moral and doctrinal deterioration of evangelicals breaks my heart. And so, I long for the establishment of Christ's kingdom. May He come soon!


  1. Me too, DebbieLynne, I'm worn out with it's time for me to stop gazing at the things of earth so much. The blessings He has for us here are temporary too, but I keep looking at what saddens me, that which He warned us would happen, so I should give thanks that all of His words are true (even, or especially, the hard to accept ones) and instead of continuing to cry about it, move on... and keep looking up to Jesus instead. :) Have a very blessed outing with your dear hubby <3

  2. I finally caught myself up on your blog. One advantage to not reading for while is that I get a continuous flow of how God is working and moving in your life. Even when it is not pretty you put it out there and people see the reality of being a Christian. :)

    I appreciate that you are steadfast in Truth even when it hurts. God has you here for His purpose and His time. Plus, there is much I can glean from you. Whatever it is you are going through, I am praying that God will give you an extra measure of comfort and encouragement AND good weather.


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