Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Horticulture, Accurate But Unseen

I spent three hours working on a birthday card using CorelDRAW today, without much to show for my efforts. I finished the clock that I'd started Sunday, deciding to make it simple (as opposed to the elaborate one I'd planned on drawing) because the lady for whom I'm making it prefers simple decoration.
But the card needed a bit more decoration for my satisfaction. Its recipient has given me so much that I want her card to show her my love and appreciation for her. Frankly, the clock by itself just looked chintzy!

So I've started drawing a vine with yellow rosebuds. Yes, I know roses grow on bushes, not vines, but greeting cards don't need to be horticulturally accurate. So far, I've only completed only one bud, which probably took longer to design than the rest of them will. Actually, I think it turned out quite pretty.

Sadly, Blogger won't recognize my .jpeg file of the rosebud, and I don't have time to play with it anymore tonight. Maybe later this week it will allow me to show you the vine. Anyway, I'm pleased to be learning CorelDRAW. I look forward to developing my skills.

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