Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty. Deceiving.

Yesterday a friend in Maryland posted an update on Facebook lamenting yet another snowstorm. She attached a photo of her very white back yard, causing our mutual friends from California to rhapsodize about how "pretty" and "wonderful" it looked. I suppose, if I still lived in California (where most people idealize snow), I might have joined them.

Indeed, during my last year in California, I looked forward to quiet afternoons cuddling with John as we blissfully watched snow falling gently outside our living room window. John vainly tried to warn me that, once I moved to New England, I'd lose my romantic notions and would quickly develop a negative opinion of "The Evil White Stuff."

When Massachusetts got its first real snow after I moved here and married John, I succumbed to its enchantment. At that time, our apartment complex had a gazebo on the property, and its charm increased when the snow iced its roof. Obviously, John's cynical attitude entirely lacked merit!

But as the winter of 2003 continued, and I learned that dirty, sand-treated snow blocked sidewalk curb-cuts long after temperatures encouraged a return to outdoor activity, snow no longer appealed to me. It indeed was "The Evil White Stuff" that most New Englanders despise. John's prediction came true; I now have great difficulty finding any redeeming qualities in snow. When people gush about its beauty, I rush to educate them on its many drawbacks, especially for wheelchair users.

As I thought about the glowing comments about my friend's Facebook photo yesterday, the thought occurred to me that snow serves as a good metaphor for false teaching. False teaching looks beautiful, but eventually it traps people in its filth. Sadly, those it ensnares (unlike those who live around literal snow) rarely see past the prettiness. And how sad!

Praise the Lord that His Word, read and preached properly, can melt away deception as the Holy Spirit shines  His warmth and light on it! I pray that He will keep me from the charms of wrong doctrine as I stay in His light. May pretty words fail to allure me away from the truth that can be found only in Christ.

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