Saturday, March 29, 2014

Not Yet Step One

Yesterday got away from me in terms of any productivity. For the most part, I'm still struggling with a major decision. We've pretty much made the decision itself, but now we must begin working through its many implications.

Step One, as I see it, is determining when to start letting people know what we've decided, and then sorting out the most edifying way of explaining our reasons. I fully anticipate blogging about some of the issues, since those issues go beyond our immediate circumstance. Even then, however, I want to do so in a way that honors the Lord.

So I sit here, all too eager to write about all that grieves my heart, knowing that the timing isn't yet  right. I sense that the entire matter has stifled my writing, causing further frustration and sadness as I must wait to take Step One. In this uneasy interim, please regard this blog as being under renovation. By all means, visit, but accept the awkwardness while I seek to organize my thoughts and bring my motives under the Holy Spirit's control.

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