Monday, March 3, 2014

Missing Familiar Wonders

For the most part, staying home this winter hasn't bothered me as much as usual, although the extreme cold is certainly annoying. I've kept busy reading, writing and drawing, and still feel as if I need more free time to read, write and draw. How do I manage in the good weather, when John and I divide our time between countless medical appointments and our beloved Boston Adventures?

As much as I still want to accomplish during these busy winter days, I'm feeling the familiar longing for 18th Century buildings and strolls down the Waterfront. I miss seeing costumed actors leading tourists along the Freedom Trail, and weaving around pedestrians on Boyleston Street as we head toward the Prudential Building. I long to see the lady who begs on the corner of State and Congress Streets, and for entertaining conversations with our Train Buddy on the way home.

Yes, I want to return to all the familiar wonders of my adopted city. But until then, there's much to do at home. I'll content myself with reading, writing and drawing while I wait for spring. It can't be much longer. Can it?

1 comment:

  1. I've had enough snow and cold weather too...can hardly wait to soon see all the spring flowers and trees with new green life!


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