Monday, March 10, 2014

His Greatness Calls Me To Worship

Often theologies that (rightly) emphasize that Jesus is our Friend and (erroneously) depict Him as our personal Boyfriend/Lover/Husband can distract us from worshiping Him as the all-powerful Lord Whose glory shines so brilliantly that our mortal eyes can't begin to comprehend Him. Our approach to Him grows increasingly casual, causing us to gloss over His holiness when we really should consider how it distinguishes Him from us.

This past week, I've been dwelling on a hymn which celebrates the wonders of the Lord's distinction from the humans He's created. The words call me to humility as they remind me of the contrast between His nature and mine, but they also cause me to marvel at His love for me! Perhaps, like me, you'll find yourself drawn into an attitude of worship as you watch this video that extols His attributes.

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