Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hidden In The Rock

So often, evangelical music and preaching gets cluttered by therapeutic models, pragmatism and warm fuzzies to such and extent that the basic Gospel message is either marginalized or completely cast aside. Jesus, rather than saving us from God's wrath and from our own sinfulness, becomes little  more than our ticket to success and personal fulfillment.

So I take great refreshment in hymns that turn us back to the true Gospel that, by shedding His blood on the Cross, Jesus ransomed His own from the power of sin. Rock of Ages, in particular, reminds me of His gracious provision for my spiritual bankruptcy. How thankful I am that, because He accepted the penalty for my sin as His own, He hides me under the cloak of His righteousness!

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  1. I recently "discovered" Voddie Baucham and have been on a Voddie binge lately. I posted a couple of his sermons given at conferences, that are so rich in opening up the truth about God's graciously saving us out of our wretchedness and out of pure evil. Thank the Lord that in His mercy He did not leave us in that awful condition. I like how Voddie worded it in the one about sin, the world and the devil...he said that we conspired together with the world and the devil, that we sought out and thoroughly enjoyed evil, and sin, and were completely hateful to God, that we were His complete enemies, and completely dead (not dying, not grasping for Him at all) and that God saved us through His power and His mercy. Hope you have time to check out Voddie, if you haven't already. :)


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