Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ever In Fanny Crosby's Joyful Song

Fanny Crosby, although blind from early in her childhood, had a devotion to the Lord that puts me to shame. She once said she appreciated her blindness on earth because she knew that, upon opening her eyes in heaven, the first sight to greet her eyes would be the face of Jesus! What a beautiful attitude toward both her disability and her blessed Redeemer!

Fanny's hymns have always ranked high among my favorites, perhaps because they burst with joyous anticipation of Christ's return. In a time when evangelicals reduce the Gospel to "therapeutic" models for "living our best lives now," her lyrics return me to a more biblical perspective of awaiting His victorious return. His promise of His eternal Kingdom, in which He will reign in all His glory, gives us hope as we battle through the effects of sin in this fallen world.

Back in 1984, someone asked me to name my favorite hymn. I hadn't yet been introduced to  "How Firm A Foundation." so I immediately answered, "Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer." At the time, I knew nothing about Fanny Crosby's blindness, but I loved the way her words exalted Jesus and looked forward to His coming. Those words still cause my spirit to soar in adoration and worship.

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