Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who I Am Discovered

Last October, my cousin sent me her Family Tree Maker file tracing my Mom's side of the family. This afternoon, I finally installed Family Tree Maker, and started viewing the rather copious file, finding dates that I've been curious to know. I hope to research Daddy's family, since I know next to nothing about him or his side of the family.

My interest in genealogy lies mostly in entertainment rather than in gaining some earth-shattering, life-changing revelation of "who I am." Yes, family history may explain some things, I suppose (though exactly what, I don't know).

Since the Holy Spirit has regenerated me by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I find my identity as both a sinner saved by grace and as an adopted daughter of the Living God. I both serve Him as a willing slave and anticipate reigning with Him in heaven. As He teaches me through Scripture, He gives me His values, His perspective and (despite my fits of rebellion) His character. As much as I love my earthly family, the Lord has placed my primary identity in Him. What more about myself do I need to know?

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