Friday, February 28, 2014

Them There Christian Blogs Is Dangerous!

This afternoon, I read a variety of blogs, and listened to an episode of No Compromise Radio, only to find a common thread urging Christians to confront doctrinal error.


Whenever I confront error, people turn the tables by suggesting--if not flat-out declaring--that I'm either divisive or deceived. They probably think I'm both. Indeed, my passion for speaking out has recently gotten me (and, consequently, John) in serious trouble. In my flesh, I want to pull back, soften my position, apologize and "play nice." Those who believe I'm wrong could then pat me on the head, praise my submission, and everybody could happily celebrate putting me in my place a glorious reconciliation.

Reconciliation is wonderful, but not at the expense of truth. It's lovely to follow Jim  van Yperen's teaching that we're all wrong, and we need to "come to the foot of the cross" in mutual repentance, but sometimes such kum-bi-yah moments may be the last thing God wants. I think of the apostle Paul calling out the Judaizers in Galatia and the Gnostics in Colossae. Although I by no means consider myself an apostle, I think of his counsel to both the Corinthians and the Philippians to imitate him as he imitated Christ.

I can't say what I'll finally do when I'm eyeball-to-eyeball with the others. I pray to let the Bible, not van Yperen's theories, guide me. But man!--This is work!

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  1. I agree completely with the statement "Reconciliation is wonderful, but not at the expense of truth".

    This is exactly what Jim Van Yperen was referring to when he said "…there is nothing wrong with having disagreements about various things [in the church], but we CANNOT disagree on the Fundamentals of the bible".

    I feel that fundamentals are biblical truths – and these cannot be compromised. But we still have to make peace with people who do. If they don’t listen the first few times, then I simply make peace with them, and leave it up to the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

    I don’t harbor any resentment for people of other denominations that have questionable doctrine – even if what they believe is clearly unbiblical. I will make my biblical points very clear to them, then make peace with them, and pray that God would open their eyes to the real truth. His truth.


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