Sunday, February 2, 2014

None Can Fathom

Usually, I devote my Sunday blog posts  to promoting hymns, convinced that, as a rule. most hymns do a better job at expressing theological truths than modern praise songs do. But in church this morning, one of the songs we sang reminded me that rules can have exceptions.

Chris Tomlin's song, Indescribable, echoes the Lord's rebuke to Job and his "comforters" in Job 38-41. Having just read those chapters Thursday and Friday of this past week, I appreciate how the song reinforces our need to bow to the Lord in humility when He confronts us with His power in creating the universe.

Even more amazing, this all-powerful Creator sees my murky, depraved heart in all its wretchedness and, for reasons even more unfathomable than His majesty, He loves me anyway!

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