Monday, February 10, 2014

I'd Prefer Not To Blog Today

To be shockingly honest, I haven't felt like blogging for about two weeks. Writer's block only plays a small role in my unwillingness to maintain this blog. Selfishness plays a much bigger role. I'd rather spend my time amusing myself with computer games and chat than spend it forming posts and keeping mindful of correct grammar and cadence of sentences. I want free time just to enjoy myself, without seeing myself as God's servant or accepting responsibility to use my time to honor Him. In short, I want to pursue my own pleasures!

Can you imagine a more rancid attitude?

Apparently, I've forgotten that, because Christ purchased me with His own blood, I no longer own myself. He has given me this blog, as well as a certain gift for writing, as my primary means of serving Him, and I must recognize His grace in trusting me to blog for Him. And because I blog for Him, I must do so faithfully, even when my flesh would rather fritter away time on less profitable endeavors.

So I will blog, even when I'd rather not do so, because I desire to serve the Lord. I don't know how He uses the words I type. In fact, the impact of these posts really isn't my concern. The Lord merely calls me to faithfully carry out this simple responsibility that He has given me, asking me to regard it as a ministry to be done as consistently as possible. He will use the posts as He sees fit, touching hearts and minds according to His purposes. Whatever my selfish flesh prefers, my redeemed spirit rejoices that the Lord has given me blogging as a vehicle for His Kingdom.

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