Monday, January 27, 2014

The Mask Of New Friendship

This January didn't conform to my expectations. After the busyness of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I had assumed the long winter days would give me more time to play with Paintshop Pro, Painter Lite and CorelDRAW. When will I learn the futility of making assumptions?

I have spent some time trying to make friends with CorelDRAW, but that relationship intimidates me. For a while, as a result of watching too many video tutorials for CorelDRAW, I permitted my glazed-over eyes to convince me that I'd wasted money on the software. And so many other activities (writing letters, Missions Committee reports, etc.) competed for my time and attention, causing me to place lower priority on my artwork. To further complicate matters, two snowstorms required my PCAs to put me to bed early a few nights, and twice I had migraines...such things necessarily truncate my time for digital art.

Despite such hindrances, CorelDRAW has finally begun to accept my overtures by allowing me to create shapes, which I can then export into Paintshop Pro. Today, I created this Squished Square:

Once I'd pulled it into Paintshop Pro, I could play with different effects filters to manipulate the shape and add texture. I had such a splendid time that I hated to quit! Below is my favorite result, which I saved to use as a mask:

Now I see potential in my relationship with CorelDRAW. Of course, all good relationships require time and attention. Do I dare imagine that these long winter days, that prevent me and John from going anywhere (sometimes even to church) will afford me more opportunities to invest in my artwork?

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