Monday, January 13, 2014

Misdirected Beliefs

She said. "I don't need to run around telling people that I love Jesus in order to be a Christian." In one sense, she spoke correctly, since no one earns salvation by performing works. But she meant that she resented my judgment that she needed salvation.

Of course, she later said there was really nothing to be saved from, since hell didn't really exist. For that matter, she believed the concept of heaven served only as a way of comforting people (and primarily small children) when a loved one dies. Even now, although she acknowledges that God exists, she tells me that there's nothing after death. A person simply ceases.

Further, she wishes her daughter would embrace some sort of religion...just because everybody should believe in something. She doesn't care whether her daughter chooses Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism, but it would certainly be nice if her daughter had the moral compass that comes with religion.

Not that religion should be taken too seriously, she adds. Many mentally ill people are religious fanatics, so it's important to have faith in moderation rather than allow it to envelop every facet of life. One needs other interests in order to maintain a well-rounded personality.

Additionally, she reminds me that, although the Bible is definitely important for understanding Western Culture (and particularly literature), it really mustn't be considered as God's Word. Many of Jesus' remarks about heaven, hell, demons and Satan accommodated First Century superstitions, but modern people are more enlightened. The King James Version gives us marvelous poetry and wonderful moral teaching,  but mere men wrote it. And there's no one correct interpretation.

This woman is dear to me, and I pray daily for the Holy Spirit to slice through all her deception with His truth. My witness to her over the years has been enormously flawed, but I've told her the truth. Now I wait, praying for the Lord to open  her eyes to His truth.

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  1. How many times have I heard those same lies again and again, flaunted in the face of God, throwing His goodness and mercy right back in His face through those careless, hateful, hatefilled words...and yet those who say them will then say "I'm not really a bad person, so if there is a God, He shouldn't cast me off to hell or He is a terrible being indeed"...really? What boastful and ugly words to elevate oneself with while simultaneously ripping down our Lord and Savior, the true and only God of the universe. I too was once that boastful, and the Lord graciously allowed me to see the horror of my prideful ways. I pray your friend will also come to recognize her foolishness, and be allowed to repent of it.


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