Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hope They Don't Want

In some respects, atheism appears liberating. No God imposing outdated moral values and rules. No confession of sin. No thinking about a distant after-life to affect one's decisions here and now. As long as nobody gets hurt, life can pretty much be tailored to the pursuit of self-interest, with no fear of being judged by an all-powerful Being.

Yet I can't imagine anything as lonely as deliberately living a life separated from the Lord Jesus Christ. Certainly, He makes me uncomfortable when His Holy Spirit exposes sin in my life, and I'm not always thrilled when obeying Him requires me to resist temptation. But I gladly trade my fleshly desires for the joy of knowing Him in this life and (even better) the promise of being face-to-Face with Him for all eternity!

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  1. True, true, and amen, DebbieLynne. The ways of this world have a way of seeming wisdom, it seems right, but it leads to destruction. What if we can gather all the comfort and happiness and wealth of this world, and live in a peace that this world gives, and have everything that our flesh desires, and not have the Lord, and lose our soul....Jesus asked that question, what would it prosper us? Trading a few temporary years for a vast eternity. It sounds wise to those who have no hope for eternity I suppose, but God's word tells us such "wisdom" is very shortsighted. He knows the bigger picture, and has promised us so much more than we can ever comprehend with our mortal faculties....and He who promised us such splendid promises also keeps all His promises. Why be short-changed by a few temporary amusements? Because the devil makes them seem like they are all there is, like it is the only thing that matters at all, just as he did with Eve and the first temptation to doubt God's wisdom and providence. God loves us so much, and He knows that we get easily distracted and dissatisfied and grumbly, to our own hurt. When I truly thank Him and praise Him, He fills me with His joy that surpasses all the junk we can try to mimic that blessed feeling that the Lord desires to bless us with. One day, in His presence, no longer battling this awful flesh, and the temptations of the evil one, we will enjoy the passion, the praise, the honor, the glory of being in the company of the most glorious and loving being there ever was and ever will be, and it won't be a roller coaster life of ups and downs like we have here...it will be constant peace, constant love, constant joy, constant honesty, constant reverence, forever, and ever, in holy communion with our Lord and Savior and Friend.


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