Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gary's Song Of Victory

When I hear the song, "Victory In Jesus," I often think of Gary. Back in my freshman and sophomore years in college, he and his wife faithfully and cheerfully drove me to church each Sunday, where he would hold my hymnal for me. That church introduced me to the hymn, leaving me with a vivid memory of him singing

He loved me ere I knew Him,
And all my love is due Him.

Why that became such a vivid memory escapes me.

At the end of sophomore year, the Lord worked circumstances in such a way that I joined a different church. In so doing, I naturally lost touch with Gary and his wife. School and church kept me busy, while they were building a family and serving in their church. But every now and again, especially when I'd hear that song,  I'd think of Gary singing, and  of their kindness to me.

A few days ago, a mutual friend told me that Gary, after suffering a heart attack, had gone to sing his song of victory in heaven. I thought it fitting, therefore, to share "Victory In Jesus" as this week's song of praise.

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