Thursday, January 23, 2014

Filling Empty White Boxes

About this time each day, my cursor blinks impatiently in this empty white rectangle. It demands that I fill the rectangle with words and graphics that inform, inspire or entertain those who (for whatever reason) open my blog on any given day. Often, I begin typing with a plan, knowing what I want to communicate and why.

Today isn't one of those days. I  haven't got the foggiest idea of what I want to write about, despite having spent the last hour reading other blogs with the singular objective of finding an idea that would ignite my brain. I did learn a lot during my time reading Scripture this morning, but I'm still processing the ways God wants me to apply the lessons He taught me. Do I really want to pass those lessons along before I've implemented them in my own life, thereby demonstrating the same hypocrisy that the Pharisees of Jesus' day demonstrated? Um, no.

I do, however, know why I choose to fill this little white rectangle today. You, dear reader, give me reason. Although today I have little to say, tomorrow I may have something  to say that you very much need to read. If not tomorrow,  perhaps Saturday. Or next  Thursday. Or Thursday, February 13. But I post almost daily to keep you reading, so that when I finally write the post that you need to read, I won't be out of practice...and you won't be out of the habit of coming to my blog.

Certainly, I may not blog every day. This winter, after all will eventually ease up, allowing me and John to resume our Boston Adventures (at least to see his various doctors). And even before then, various visitors and circumstances  may crowd my schedule. And yes, there will  be those rare days that, after staring at the blinking cursor for a while, I'll close Blogger with a whimper of defeat, unable to concoct anything worth reading.

But for the most part,  God willing, you'll find me blogging almost daily, as I  have for several years. In that consistency (on both our parts), you'll occasionally come across something that the Lord will use to instruct, inspire or entertain you.

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