Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boasting In His Death

Understanding that Christ went to the cross to bear the punishment for my sin offered me indescribable relief from the anguish of knowing that I'd fallen short of His standards. I longed to spend eternity with Him, but Matthew 5:8 taught me that only the pure in heart would see Him. And "pure in heart" hardly described my fantasy-life as a 17-year-old girl who had designs on a sailor about to be shipped off to Vietnam!

The news that Christ's blood paid the unpayable price for my lust, greed and selfishness liberated me from the guilt of my secret desires. Immediately, I wanted to express my gratitude to the Lord by living for Him!

A year later, as part of a group that visited nursing homes to minister to the elderly through music, I learned a hymn that captured my sense of thankfulness to the Lord. He had suffered the death that I deserved to die. Whenever I thought about the cross, I realized all over again that, although I could never begin to repay my debt to Jesus, I needed to give Him everything. The hymn, When I Survey The Wondrous Cross, put my testimony to music

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