Friday, December 13, 2013

More Than Syntax And Grammar

A writer needs, before anything else, to read other writers. Reading shows a writer how words can give shape and texture to otherwise abstract ideas  going beyond dry lessons on syntax and rules of grammar. More importantly, reading sparks a writer's imagination by compelling him or her to contribute to the vast and intricate conversation that weaves through human history.

My writing accepts blogging as its primary venue, so I turn to other blogs for both instruction and inspiration. Humility may not be one of my primary character traits, but I do understand that other bloggers have much to teach me.

One such blogger is Lydia, a friend of a friend of mine. Her blog, Lydsloookonlife, honors the Lord as she muses on sports, wine, food and her experiences with Cerebral Palsy. Typing with one hand, Lydia can only manage one post a week, but each post skillfully unites seemingly disconnected thoughts and images to illustrate great truths from Scripture.

Currently, her posts focus on Advent, explaining the significance of each candle as she delights in the various aspects of the Savior's birth. Regardless of whether you come from a liturgical background or not, you'll find her Advent posts inspiring as Lydia draws you to Scripture and the Lord Himself.

Lydia writes thoughtfully, sometimes using gentle humor and always depending on God's Word as her final authority. Her posts are amazingly long (especially when you understand that she types slowly and without the aid of a headstick or mouthstick), but her easy conversational style makes you eager to keep reading. In short, I dearly hope you'll celebrate Advent by becoming acquainted with You need not be a writer to benefit from her wonderful blog.

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