Monday, December 2, 2013

35 Years Of Christmas Greetings

Operation Christmas Letter has dominated my day, as is appropriate. I have my graphics ready,  so tomorrow I plan to actually write it.

My Christmas letter tradition began in 1978, when I realized the impracticality of writing the same information in Christmas cards using a mouthstick and an electric typewriter. One person complained that it seemed impersonal (now she sends Christmas letters which consist solely of grandchildren photos and no text), but she may not have understood that I send Christmas greetings to roughly 100 people each year. By the mid 1980s, people looked forward to the letters, which evolved as I included half-toned photos.

Naturally, the advent of personal computers, and then email, took my letters to new levels, making me less dependent on family and Personal Care Attendants to address, stamp and mail them for me. A few people have complained, claiming they consider it more personal to receive them in the regular mail. That's all well and good, but their preferences don't take into account that sending letters snail mail places extra demands on those who have to help me.

Operation Christmas Letter allows me to reflect on the Lord's goodness over the past year, to appreciate my many friends and family members, and to focus on the amazing doctrine of the Incarnation. Far from a dreaded chore, producing these letters fills  me with joy and gratitude. Tomorrow will be a good day!


  1. I haven't reconstructed my address book since a computer problem this summer so I don't think I'll even be putting together a Christmas letter this year. Robin is in her DICKENS BY CANDLELIGHT: A Christmas Carol, I'm getting ready to celebrate a year of Charles Dickens related cultural events in Orlando. We were in North Carolina and Virginia for Thanksgiving week and went to Europe this past summer. Molly is very involved in her school choir and drama. Life is good. God is GOOD!

  2. You are a better person than I DebbieLynne, I have never sent out a Christmas letter...I even struggle with getting cards out often not even getting that far ... in every way I fall short and am grateful that I serve a God of mercy. :) Hope your Christmas is happy and healthy. <3


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