Monday, November 11, 2013

Expanding My Art Studio

Two weeks ago, Corel sent me an email offering Painter Lite (which is normally priced at $69.99) for $9.99. I hemmed and hawed for about an hour, knowing that the program was primarily designed to be used with a Wacom Tablet. Of  course, a tablet and stylus wouldn't work for me, but I finally looked at the Tech Specs and found that a PC with a mouse could operate it...just not with the same nuances which stylus pressure achieves.

The kaleidoscope feature intrigued me, so I played with it as soon as I installed the download. Within two days, I'd created the tile that forms the basis for my blog's new background.

Once I'd designed the tile, I saved it to my PaintShop Pro tile folder. Then, in PSP, I set it to a 45 degree angle, reduced its size to 25% and created white blinds to provide texture. I really liked the result!

After having that fun, however, I realized that I needed to back up and start learning the program. When I first got Paint Shop Pro 8 back in 2003, it took a while before I created anything of note. So I figure that now I should acquaint myself with Painter Lite's brushes, features and effects before attempting any serious projects.

And today, I learned that CorelDRAW is on sale...


  1. Hi Debbi.... I got that offer from Corel as well, and I thought about it for a while because of the awesome price, but I finally dismissed it knowing that I am not into "painting". I like the background! You did good on it! :)

  2. Beautiful job DebbieLynne, love the outcome!


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