Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boston's Wicked Good

Several weeks ago, ABC's Emmy Winning reality show Shark Tank updated viewers on Wicked Good Cupcakes In A Jar, saying that the company had a location at Faneuil Hall as a result of partnering with Kevin O'Leary (one of the Sharks). Being the Boston lovers that we are, John and I eagerly rushed to Faneuil Hall, intrigued with the concept of jarred   cupcakes and excited that they were in "our own backyard." But we circled the first floor of Fanueil Hall, not finding any cupcakes in jars or otherwise among the merchants.

John also searched the food vendors in Quincy Market's main colonnade. Again, no cupcakes showed themselves. We figuratively scratched our  heads, bewildered by our inability to find Wicked Good Cupcakes. Once my doctor asked me to go on a low-fat diet, we started eating at B'Good and Viga during our Boston visits--choosing turkey burgers and grilled chicken (both without cheese). We'd get a mini frozen yogurt from the Pinkberry stand at South Station as an alternative to  cannolis. Quite honestly, we'd forgotten about Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Yesterday, as much as I wanted clam chowder, I understood that a turkey burger would be in my best interest. B'Good, however, teemed with people, so I suggested getting a turkey burger at the Cheers Replica in Quincy Market. As I drove down the South Canopy toward Cheers, a pale pink kiosk caught my attention...I'd found Wicked Good Cupcakes!

The turkey burger, even with the added sauteed mushrooms, wasn't very filling. I suppose we should have waited until we got to South Station and had Pinkberry, but we really wanted to try Wicked Good. I know my doctor occasionally reads my  blog, and I know she'll disapprove, but I had to give in...just this once. Perhaps I was wicked. But oh, that cupcake was good!

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