Friday, October 18, 2013

Walking Away From Strange Fire

When I first began seriously questioning Charismatic theology, my pastors and my friends couldn't accept that Scripture gave me my basis for turning from the doctrines and practices of the Charismatic movement. Mind you, I'd pretty much always maintained a certain reserve regarding prophecy, healing, "words of knowledge" and the like, often baffling and frustrating my friends when I failed to "feel" the Lord's presence. But 1991 marked a decisive turn. Although I remained in that church until 2002 (and noticed that the senior pastor used the Bible in his sermons more than he had prior to 1991), I no longer identified myself as a Charismatic.

As I've been watching the Strange Fire Conference livestreamed this week, I've relived some memories of my struggles toward a more Biblical theology, as well as some difficult conversations with pastors and friends who saw me as having gone off the deep end. Providentially, the Lord is using this conference to affirm my journey out of Charismatic theology. How gracious of Him to assure me that I'm on the right path!

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