Friday, October 11, 2013

Have You Prayed For Our President Lately?

President Obama's policies are, at best, misguided. His determination to force the Affordable Care Act on a nation that neither wants nor can afford it smacks of tyranny, tempting me to call him a tyrant. But I won't. Better to label his actions than to personally attack the man. I have good reason to refrain from demonizing him...or any other Democrat. I've been on their side of the political aisle.

From age 20 to age 43, I was a registered member of the Democratic party, and in my mid-20s I avidly read Sojourners magazine, a publication
that links a socialistic world view with Christianity. As I got involved in pro-life issues and ex-gay ministry, however, the tension between what I believed  as a Christian and my loyalties to my political party grew, causing me terrible anguish whenever I cast a ballot.

Furthermore, my conviction that Republicans had no regard for the disadvantaged failed to hold water as friends with ultra-conservative political leanings were the first to help when PCAs called in sick or I needed rides. Hmm. Their actions and more than obvious love for me seriously undercut my political assumptions.

But this essay really isn't about my journey into the GOP, so much as it's an explanation of why I must be careful not to be contemptuous of our President. Yes, I strongly oppose his Affordable Care Act! Most certainly, I believe his posture these past two weeks has been childish, and that he shows more concern for his agenda than for the Americans he professes to want to help.

Scripture tells Christians to pray for those in secular authority (1 Timothy 2:1-3). Christian conservatives would do well to remember that Paul wrote this injunction during a time when Roman emperors both oppressed Jews and ruthlessly persecuted Christians. While we should decry our President's policies, and challenge his stubborn refusal to negotiate, let's also pray that the  Lord will bless him and help him to lead our country well.

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