Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New Opportunity

Our evening Personal Care Attendant had only planned to work until she could buy a new car. Now, over five years later, she's needing to move along. Which I totally understand, so I'm not at all faulting her decision. I very much appreciate all the years she's given me, as well as her flexibility and willingness to adapt to changes in our schedule.

Tuesday, we called a  woman I had almost hired in July for a different shift, and she enthusiastically accepted the job. Alas, she emailed me this morning, saying that on further thought she realized that she just can't offer me a commitment right now.

So I fed Craigslist another $25 and posted a carefully worded ad. I've already had a few responses, and scheduled one interview with someone who seems to be exactly what I want. Of course, she may not be--we'll see.

All this to say I'll quite likely be blogging between interviews for the next several days. Hopefully the process won't be very long. And, more to the point, hopefully I'll be less distracted by finding a PCA so I can concentrate on writing blog posts about the Lord. Meanwhile, I'll try to rejoice in this new opportunity to trust Him.

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  1. Praying for strength and patient endurance for you through this process.


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