Saturday, August 25, 2012

Roses and Champagne And Dancing--Oh My!

The Spirit of Boston harbor cruise turned out to be the most wonderful way possible for John and me to celebrate our tenth anniversary yesterday. In honor of the occasion, we dressed up in some of our nicest clothes.

Our table had been prepared, complete with six beautiful red roses and (alcohol removed) champagne!

At precisely noon, the ship left its dock, beginning the two-hour voyage around Boston Harbor. We saw many familiar places, but from a different perspective. How interesting to see what John and I call the "Arched Building" (John's favorite) and the Custom House clock tower (my favorite) in the same view!

As the ship approached the North End, I spotted the steeple of Old North Church.

The view of Charestown was especially exciting, allowing John to photograph The U.S.S. Constitution and The Bunker Hill Monument together.

I had one complaint about the food: there was absolutely too much! Green salad. Pasta salad. Potato salad. Roast chicken. Baked beans (after all, it's the Spirit of Boston). Roasted potatoes. Macaroni and cheese. Steamed mussels. And then, the best part: Lobster! All followed by assorted pastries.

The highlight of the cruise was dancing to Shania Twain's Still The One, which has special meaning to us!

We spent the last part of our cruise on the deck, where we got to see one of the Harbor Islands.

We enjoyed the sun, as well as each other, praising the Lord for the wonderful 10 years He's given us as man and wife.


  1. I am so happy your special day was indeed so special!

  2. Once again, Deb (and John, too), congrats on your wonderful ten years together. Love you both. Peggy Sideroff Danna

    1. sambess2003@yahoo.comAugust 25, 2012 at 6:32 PM

      Obviously, I am somewhat computer illiterate. Peggy

  3. Happy Anniversary to my favorite couple. Your dance was so beautiful, it made me cry. May God bless you with MANY more years together: The best is yet to come...


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