Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belated Valentine's Date

New England weather doesn't always accommodate Valentine's celebrations, so John and I had to wait until Thursday to go to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was worth the wait, let me assure you. Temperatures got to the mid 40s, and the sun made everything sparkle. The paratransit driver was one we've known for years, but hadn't seen in quite some time; riding with him made the trip delightful.

Once we arrived at the museum, we visited the Albrecht Durer exhibit. Durer (who lived between 1471 and 1520 in Nuremberg, Germany) is most famous for his prints, which he made from woodcuts and metal plate engravings. John wasn't permitted to photograph the prints, but if you'll click the above link, you'll see a "Tour" button that will show you the prints. Please look at the amazing detail, especially in "St. Jerome in His Study, which impressed us both.

I was ashamed, as I saw Durer's meticulous work, of my impatience with my own artwork. Hopefully, I'll learn to push through my boredom to add more detail to my drawings. After all, I have the advantage of drawing by computer, whereas Durer did all his work by hand.

After the exhibit, we took the elevator upstairs to have lunch at Bravo, the museum's upscale restaurant (usually, we eat at The Courtyard Cafe). We ordered the braised lamb with petite potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas and red peppers. The chef, upon hearing about our disabilities, cut the meat from the bone for us. Her thoughtfulness impressed us! For dessert, we shared a small chocolate fudge cake, which you'll see in the picture below:


We wandered a bit once we  had finished lunch, enjoying the John Singer Sargent murals in the Rotunda and Colonnade. John got two great photos. First, one of the Rotunda murals.


Then this daring photo of the Colonnade mural, which I think is marvelous!

From there, we found the Italian Renaissance section, which of course I loved. This is a new gallery,  and one I'll visit frequently. We liked this polychromed terracotta sculpture of The Entombment (Italy, 1500):

Sadly, before we could settle in and explore this gallery, it was time to rush downstairs to catch our paratransit van. While the driver boarded me, John got this picture of some Canadian Geese that were visiting the grounds.

Even the ride home was delightful, with three other passengers who love talking and laughing. John and I agree that it was the best date we've ever had!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Colors of Roses

Thankfully, I married an extremely romantic man, who got me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day! We waited a couple days to let them open, and then photographed them so I'll be able to enjoy them long into the future.


Pretty, huh? That new camera is good, but I wanted to make this bouquet look as lustrous and romantic as it is in real life. So, using the photo editing tools in Paint Shop Pro 8, I strengthened the saturation, increased the brightness and contrast, cropped it, and put one of my self-designed frames around it. Both John and I really liked the result:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Someone Messed With My Head

I love my church for a variety of reasons, including the crazy people who mess with my head. But our friend Tim, inspired by my blog's new title, as taken this endeavor to a whole new level:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where's Joyfully Christian Lady's Museum?

Obviously, this blog ain't exactly what it used to be! I suppose my reason for changing the title will sound silly, but maybe not. Well, I'll just be honest about it, and you can judge me as you see fit. Who knows? You might even be sightly amused!

For quite a while, I've really wanted to change my background. The marble just seemed bland to me, but I couldn't think of any other designs to go with my "museum" theme. It seemed that, since my blog is largely about the things I create from my imagination, using my headstick,  I needed a theme that allowed more latitude with my background art.

As I contemplated renovating my blog, I thought about all the times friends have joked about wanting to know what goes on in my head. How perfect! Since I have the photo of myself typing with my headstick, and I use that headstick to create digital art and blog posts, it seemed logical to choose a title that played on both points. The idea certainly liberated me to create any sort of background I desire, and to change it as often as I desire.  This is going to be fun!

I began discussing my idea with John a week or two ago (I'd been thinking about it for a few months), and his encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to make the changes.

For now, I'm keeping my url, though I'll most likely import my blog into a new url at a later date.  As I make all these changes, however, please be assured that the most important element of my blog will never change. The word "Christian" may no longer be in the title, but this blog still belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. My privilege is to honor Him with The Things That Come Out Of My Head.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Verbal Montage--A Peek Into My Head

For bloggers (at least for this blogger), there are times when snippets of ideas float around the head. Good blog post material, but not very developed. So the blog sits, unattended. The blogger starts feeling guilty for not posting, especially when friends praise the blog. "Am I letting my readers down?" the blogger wonders.

Maybe. I know I get discouraged when blogs I follow lie dormant. Eventually, I'll quit checking them. Usually, I'm disappointed.

So, I thought I'd share some random thoughts that I've been pondering. None developed enough for its own post, but stuff that interests me.

I'm 56. I've only been married seven years, yet my younger sister is a grandmother. It's odd knowing that music from my high school and college years (the '70s) is played on "Oldies" radio stations, when I'm just now getting used to sharing John's last name. How can I be 56? I'm too young to be old!

How exciting it was, after living most of my life in California, to vote for Scott Brown two weeks ago! I think it's astonishing that the Lord brought me to Massachusetts at this particular time in history. 

Why do so many Christians think Yoga is "just exercise"? The very word "yoga" means "union," and has a definite spiritual meaning. Each of the eight postures has a spiritual implication. Please, Christians, don't drag this Hindu practice into the Church.

It's only February 1st? This has already been a very long winter, and at least six weeks plod out ahead of us? I'm ready for spring, so John and I can return to Boston. I miss Boston terribly, and long to wander its streets again! I miss stepping back into the 18th Century. I miss the street performers at Downtown Crossing, and the smell of Italian sausages. I miss Park Street Church playing old hymns (which I sing to) from its bell tower every new hour. And yes, I miss cannolis at Quincy Market. I miss the people we know on the 3:40 train home. And the costumed Freedom Trail guides--especially Don (who portrays James Otis) and Michael (who usually dresses as a British soldier). I miss going back from Fanuiel Hall to South Station by way of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and looking out at Independence Wharf, where the Boston Tea Party took place. April can't come soon enough!

What would the world be like if Biblical Christians had the zeal (but not the tactics) of Muslims and/or Jehovah's Witnesses? And why aren't we as passionate about Jesus? What has made me so subdued about my love for Him? What will it take for me to regain the boldness and enthusiasm I had for Him in High School?

All that has been in my head lately. Maybe some of those thoughts will bloom into blog posts of their own.


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