Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everlasting God

We sang this song in church today. I'd never heard it before, but I loved it and wanted to share it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Progress on Little "I Won't Disclose Her Name"

Both John and I have had colds all week, so we found it necessary to forgo church this morning. I put the beginnings of a nose on the portrait I've been drawing of my friend's little girl, so I thought I'd show everyone how the project is coming.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Journey Out Of Prison

Throughout my life, people have assumed that my greatest frustration regarding my disability is not being able to walk, or even not being able to use my hands. It's my speech defect. Actually, it was never that much of a problem until I moved to the Greater Boston Area, but in my seven years here I've grown dependent on John to "translate" for me. The social isolation has been a source of grief, to be sure. But even worse has been my sense of vulnerability.

Yesterday, for example, the driver of the paratransit van assumed I was retarded, and spoke to me as if I was a small child rather than a married woman in my mid-fifties. Would he address most married women as "Sweetie?" (That might even qualify as sexual harassment, now that I think of it.) John corrected him, and he stopped. But after he disembarked John, I discovered that my arm was tangled in the seat belt. It took quite a while to make him understand that I couldn't drive my wheelchair to the lift until he separated me from the seat belt!

So I'd say, my greatest wish regarding my disability would be for clear speech.

This morning, however, I wasn't thinking about my speech defect when I went to Acts 12:1-17 for my quiet time. My Journey in Discipleship workbook asked, as it does in each day's reading, "What did I encounter on my journey with Jesus?" and "How does this apply in my life?" As you read my responses, you'll see the joyous sense of emancipation that I experienced:

Day 1—Acts 12:1-17

What did I encounter on my journey with Jesus?

Herod began persecuting believers, executing James and seizing Peter in order to execute him. Peter was heavily guarded, but an angel came to him in the prison, unshackled him, and led him out of the prison. Peter was in the city before he realized it wasn’t a vision. He went to Mary’s house, where everyone was praying for his release. Rhoda was so excited to see him that she closed the door on him and ran to tell the others…leaving Peter outside knocking. Finally they let him in, and he told them the story. He asked them to tell James and the other brothers, and then he went elsewhere.

How does this apply in my life?

If God intends to deliver me from a situation, nothing can stop him from doing so. Herod had four squads of guards on Peter, but the angel led him out of prison with little effort. So God is not limited to my circumstances (like my speech defect), but will do His will through me!

The Lord amazes me when His Holy Spirit takes the timeless truths of Scripture and applies them so specifically to my life! Living in the prison of my speech defect will never be comfortable, but neither will it limit what the Lord will do through me!


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