Thursday, March 19, 2009

Return To Boston

At last, this very long, brutal winter appears to be drawing to a close, and yesterday was mild enough for us to go to Boston! I've missed our adventures, so it was absolutely wonderful seeing all the familiar brick buildings that hold so much history.

We exited the subway station on Summer Street (the heart of Downtown Crossing), and turned right to go up Washington street, passing the Old Corner Bookstore (where I can always picture Louisa May Alcott sweeping in through the door) and the Old South Meeting Hall. At the Old State House, we turned right on to State Street, and crossed over to Congress, on which we turned left. And there we were a Fanueil Hall!

We found Aris Barbecue inside Quincy Market. A couple years ago, we'd bought hot dogs there--the kind of hot dogs with skin that snaps when you take a bite. We eagerly bought lunch at Aris yesterday! For dessert, we bought cannolis at North End Bakery, which is also inside Quincy Market.

Since it was to chilly to go to South Station by way of Atlantic Avenue (which is near the waterfront), we retraced our steps to W
ashington. As we approached Downtown Crossing, we saw a mounted police officer. Not unusual. Except that he was mounted on a Clydesdale! As John tried to get the camera to work, the horse leaned down and kissed my hand. Sadly, it was after that kiss that our camera decided to cooperate. But this photograph shows how huge the animal really was!

By then, it was getting cold, so we steered our chairs down Summer Street to South Station. Not the most eventful Boston Adventure, but I was pleased that I'm finally learning my way around the city I love!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Cost Of Not Paying Attention

It had been a while since I'd worked on Thoughtful Boy. The past month has been stressful, actually, and the last time I worked on it was during that time of stress.

I last worked on it the same day I made my last blog post. All I remember is feeling a sense of urgency as I made screen shots to show my progress, and then rushing to Blogger to post.

So today I decided to work on the portrait. For the last two weeks, I'd been mentally struggling with ideas on how to achieve a certain effect with his hair, and I told myself that the relief from problems in my personal life meant I could now concentrate on that effect. At least, I'd give it a try. I thought about various possibilities, and was ready to try a few.

I opened the file, and my heart sank! In my haste to make the final screen shot for the blog post, I had saved my canvas with the layers merged! Once the program is closed, the "undo" function is useless. So...I'll either need to start all over again, or move on to my next project. All because I made one careless mistake.


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