Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ending 2008 and Starting 2009 In Chist Alone

Sunday we sang an updated hymn that had such sound Bible doctrine that I was flung into deep worship. As John MacArthur teaches in his book, Fool's Gold, real worship occurs through being taught good doctrine, and hymns serve the purpose of helping us commit doctrine to heart.

As 2009 approaches, I want to remember that my hope isn't in the political structure or the economic position of our country. Rather, it's in Christ alone. As I acquaint myself with Him through the reading and studying Scripture, I'll grow in my trust of Him.

Those of you reading this post through my Facebook notes can view the following video on my profile page. The rest of you can scroll down.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mary Did You Know

This song is so powerful...made even more powerful by the video. This is the epitome of Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas celebrating the wonder of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Train Trip

During our Boston Adventure a couple weeks ago, we saw the beginnings of a model electric train set being erected inside South Station. Now, it's crucial to understand that John's grandfather was the train engineer who drove the last steam engine locomotive out of Boston, thereby inaugurating my husband's life-long love affair with trains. So clearly, we knew it was absolutely essential to return to South Station during the Christmas season to see the display.

Monday, the weather was mild (at least, when the wind wasn't blowing), so our Personal Care Attendants
came early enough to get us out the door by 10:15. As we waited at the bus stop, John discovered that he had left our camera at home. Not good, when you know that your wife is planning to blog about model trains (how often does that happen?). So the first stop after getting off the subway at Downtown Crossing was CVS to buy a disposable camera.

Disposable cameras, sorry to say, don't take very high-quality photographs, as evidenced by this picture of carolers at Downtown Crossing:

I tried to use Paint Shop Pro photo editing tools on the photos this morning, with minimal success. I think the result is some improvement, but our camera certainly would have given me more to work with.

We explored Boston Common for a while, and had lunch at Al Capone. Finally, it was time to go to South Station!

The display of model trains is, by our estimation, about 20 feet long. There are two trains: a regular passenger train on the upper track, and a circus train on the lower track. Indeed, at the end of the display facing South Station's clock, there's a large circus!

John liked the flatbed cars on the circus train. I tried to crop the photo enough to show the intricate details, which were completely charming! I'll close with that final photo, apologizing that it's not better.

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Look Into The Manger

When we were at Boston Common last Wednesday, I spotted a fairly large (but not life-sized) Nativity Scene. I whipped my wheelchair around and rushed to it, excited to see an overtly Christian symbol in such a public place! But as I neared it, my heart sank, and I told John not to bother with the camera. Mary and Joseph were in the manger, certainly...but there was no trace of Jesus!

Later, I regretted not taking a picture. As I pondered the scene, I thought how strikingly well it represented contemporary American culture. This culture possesses elements of religion, spirituality, or whatever term you choose. But Jesus is conspicuously absent. We want spirituality on our own terms, rather than having to bow to His authority.

When Jesus enters the filthy manger of a human life, He takes control of it--just as surely as His arrival in Bethlehem transformed that stable into a throne room where angels, kings and shepherds worshipped. Even in the body of a helpless infant, He commanded praise, adoration, and even obedience.

For there is born to you this day in the
city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

~~Luke 2:11 (NKJV)

Hopefully, Jesus is in the manger in Boston Common by now. May He soon be in the hearts of Americans!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmastime In Boston

Since temps almost made it to balmy 50 degrees in Boston yesterday, John and I decided we "really needed" a Boston adventure. He wanted to see the window decorations at Macy's, and I wanted to see the Christmas Tree at Boston Common. It was cold, even though we had dressed in layers, and after doing an errand here in town, John announced with regret that we had better go back to our apartment. Just then, however, the bus came, and...well...ahem! 40 minutes later we boarded a Red Line subway train at Ashmont Station!

When we got off the train at Downtown Crossing, we headed straight for Macy's. The animated window displays were positively enchanting! This years theme appeared to be The Makings of the Holiday Season. Each window had a "factory" which "manufacured" things like snowflakes, tinsel and holiday cheer.

Still photos, as you can see, don't do justice to the displays. Of course, we loved all the gears, conveyer belts and cranks. I also enoyed the clever "componant" signs like "holiday hugs" and "jelly belly laughs." People really get paid to think up stuff like that?

After admiring the window displays, we crossed Tremont Street to see the Christmas Tree at Boston Common. I loved viewing it from the Visitor Center because the golden dome of the State House loomed behind it.

We knew we needed to head back to South Station to get the 2:10 Commuter Rail train home. At Downtown Crossing, Santa Claus himself greeted us. In appreciating the fact that I had a conversation with "the jolly old elf," you must realize how terrified I was of him during childhood. I was sixteen before I'd speak to him! But yesterday I looked him right in the eye and said, "Jesus loves you, Santa!"

Next, we had pizza and a cannoli at Al Capone, our favorite Downtown Crossing restaraunt. Yesterday, they were particularly solicitous, actually serving us! The pizza was fresh, hot, and absolutely perfect for a cold day! I can't recommend this place too highly!
We made our train easily, and got back to our town in time to stop by the grocery store on the way home. What a wonderful day.


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