Friday, January 25, 2008

Single Parents and the Spotlight

If you'll read the third comment on my last blog entry, you'll see that I offended a single mom who happens to be a friend of mine. I have written to her personally, asking her forgiveness, but I'm praying that this blog entry will also make restitution for my insensitivity.

So please let me say that I see a huge difference between Tom Brady and single parents like my friend. For starters, Mr. Brady's son and ex-girlfriend live on the West Coast--a whole continent stretches between them and him. On his four days off this past week, however, he did not fly out there to see his baby. Instead, he spent that time with his current girlfriend in New York.

My friend, in contrast, has always been there for her son. She has fed, clothed and sheltered him, as well as letting him know that she would never, and could never, neglect him. Of course she's his hero! She's loved him sacrificially.

When Tom Brady's son was born, he flew out to California for the birth. The media made him sound like Father-Of-The-Year. He returned to Boston the very next day. I'm sorry, but devotion to his son should not take second place to his job. I was less than impressed.

My friend has never left her son.

Tom Brady shows no regret for fathering a son that he scarcely knows. I doubt he will teach him that sex outside of marriage is wrong, but I'm quite sure my friend has presented moral standards to her son.

It's true that Tom Brady doesn't know Jesus, and therefore lacks the resources to live in obedience. And, although I do possess those resources because of God's grace, I often fail to obey. But our society used to have higher moral standards, and public figures who violated those standards demonstrated some sense of recognition that their behavior was wrong. I'm sure my friend teaches her son that, while he is a blessing, she desires him to avoid her mistake.

May Tom Brady teach his son the same lesson.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Un-Patriotic, With No Compromise

The New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl undefeated, but I'll be watching a DVD that night. Why? Yes, I realize this has been an historic, amazing season, but I've been "boycotting" it because of Tom Brady. Okay, so he's not the first celebrity to impregnate a woman and exchange her for a new girlfriend before he even knows he's going to be a dad. Sill, I have a huge problem with people idolizing him, as if his paternal irresponsibility was insignificant. I believe his teenage fans could seek to emulate him both on and off the field.

So many Christians shun Brittany Spears for her misbehavior, as well we should! Her actions set a deplorable example for young girls. Yet the same parents that shield their children from her proudly let their kids wear Brady jerseys to church. And, frankly, this double-standard disturbs me a great deal. Is not Tom Brady also a role model? Why is he considered more benign than Brittany Spears?

As Christians, we should show compassion to those in blatant, unrepentant sin, but we shouldn't ignore the sin. So Brady is taking New England to a Super Bowl that will most likely result in a perfect season. I'm more concerned with his message to the next generation, including his own son. So I can't root for the Pats without compromising my Christian principles. I may stand alone, but that's the only stand I can take.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day of Worship

Between having colds and frigid weather, we knew church wasn't an option for us today. Instead, we listened to some hymns and praise music, and then played a CD of a sermon our pastor had preached on another Sunday that we'd missed church. Afterwards, I still wanted to worship, so I put together a montage for the Lord.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Can't Stop Celebrating

John and I praise the Lord daily for our marriage, so I thought I'd create a video montage to celebrate. Why wait for Valentine's Day or our anniversary? Hope you'll enjoy celebrating with us!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Victory At Last!

Several months ago I posted about our battle with Verizon. We got a call last night that they will refund our early termination fee and reduce our long distance service (we never switched our phone service). It took six months, but justice prevailed. Happy New Year!


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