Tuesday, October 16, 2007

John's Great-Niece

We had planned a trip to Boston today, but when I didn't really feel up to going, I suggested we call John's mom and ask her to meet us at Wendy's here in town. She said (probably with a twinkle in her eye), "I'm sorry, but I'm having lunch with my granddaughter today!"

Now, John's niece lives in another state with her husband and their almost-two-year-old daughter. When John's mom asked if they all could stop by after lunch, we were absolutely thrilled! I'm always ready to see "the baby."

This little girl won't turn two until December, but she already knows her numbers, her colors, and her animals. Here's a picture of her showing me how the bunny wiggles it's nose: Not that I would brag or anything, but she's as smart as she is cute! I am only posting this blog entry to show off this frame. Yeah, right! You bet I'm bragging! She may be John's great-niece by blood, but she's equally mine as far as my heart's concerned.

I've never been so happy to skip a trip to Boston!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trying to Keep Summer

I really hate the thought of summer ending, and being dependent on para-transit for getting around. John and I had so many splendid adventures. This definitely has been the best summer of my life.

So yesterday we tried to prolong it with one of our famous Boston Adventures. We took the Red Line to Downtown Crossing. I love wheeling down the ramp that exits from the Downtown Crossing T Station. To me, it symbolizes that all of Boston awaits me, with its rich history and places begging to be explored. And as I descend from the ramp, I feel he joy of entering a world of patriots, writers and legends. It's where my imagination feels most at home!

Armed with peanuts, John and I first stopped at Boston Common on our quest to photograph squirrels. This little guy was very cooperative to pose for us, so we gladly kept feeding him. I wish we could have gotten this first pose without the chain, but it's still cute.

We're very happy with this second photo; John's pleased at getting such a terrific shot (which it is), and I'm delighted with how I edited it. The squirrel was just happy that we continued to feed him peanuts!

John was disappointed with the photo he took of Lousia May Alcott's home on the Literary Landmarks walking tour we took for my birthday, so he lead me back to Pinckney Street (this time using the street rather than the sidewalk). This time, he got a splendid photograph.

We hope to squeeze in one more adventure before winter. But if not, I praise the Lord for blessing us with such a wonderful summer. Now I'll turn back to my digital painting.


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