Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fifth Anniversary in Boston

Amazing as it seems, John and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary Boston. We took the Commuter Rail to South Station, and wheeled through my beloved Downtown Crossing and through Quincy Market to Long Wharf. Having followed the suggestion of an online friend, we'd made reservations at Legal Seafoods.

Five years is, for us, a landmark anniversary, so we ordered lobster! The waiter cracked it for us, and we could see how succulent it was. The baked potato, cole slaw, and Boston Cream Pie framed the meal well.

After lunch, we headed across the street to the New England Aquarium. Through a series of miracles, God provided for our admission fee. What a blessing.

I liked the penguins. My alma mater, Dominican University of California, began as a Catholic college, with the Penguin as its mascot (in reference to the nuns that ran it). The habitat was very spacious, clean, and well arranged.

John's favorite sea-creature is the octopus. We went up the spiral ramp as far as wheelchairs can go, and in the last tank we saw a bright orange octopus! As soon as John started taking pictures, the octopus came over to the glass, as if to greet John. In an astounded voice, one of the people working at the aquarium explained, "He almost never shows himself--you must be special!" (Of course John's special--that's why I married him five years ago.)

We left the aquarium, and explored the city a bit before returning to South Station. Since we arrived early for our train, we snacked on Chicken McNuggets and root bear at the food court for our romantic anniversary dinner!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Early Morning With Jesus

This morning I woke up at 3:45 a.m., and couldn't get back to sleep. A few weeks ago in Adult Sunday School, my pastor commented that he gets back to sleep in situations like that by praising God. So I thought I'd try it. After about a minute, the Holy Spirit convicted me that I wasn't really praising Him. I was using praise as a manipulative tool!

After that realization, I spent two hours in confession, prayer and praising the Lord simply because He is worthy of praise! After two hours, I knew I needed sleep, so I said "Amen" and closed my eyes. I'm tired today, but so blessed that He taught me more about not cheapening my relationship with Him.


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