Saturday, November 25, 2006

God's In Control

Lately, I've been studying doctrines like election, predestination, and the sovereignty of God. Far from being dry and academic, this study has really given me peace, especially in the wake of the November 7 elections. I'm learning that the Lord has a broader plan than what I can see with my human limitations. It's so much easier to trust Him since I've been immersing myself in Scriptures that deal with these topics.

I've always been more Arminian than Calvinist. Looking back, I believe Arminian theology attracted me because it allowed me to take credit for accepting God's gift of salvation. But now I believe that I contributed nothing to my salvation. The Lord even gave me the faith I need to accept the shed blood of Jesus as my only passport to eternity with Him. I no longer fear losing my salvation because it's the Holy Spirit's responsibility to hold me.

I wish my feeble words could convey my joy in learning just how strong my Savior is!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photo Becomes Art

Not surprisingly, I decided to play around with a photo John took in New Hampshire. I really like the results!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More New Hampshire Pictures

First view of the lake
The trees were so tall!
Not quite the Redwoods I was used to in California,
but still evidence of our magnificent Creator.

This pair of wild turkeys that roamed about the camp didn't like having their picture taken, but John prevailed using the zoom lens on his digital camera.

Isn't this view of the lake inspiring? Even looking at this photo makes me want to worship the Lord Jesus Christ!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Honeymoon Photos

John found this balcony for us to use in our Saturday morning discussion
Garreth and Heather Bowie
our volunteers

Speaker Willie Batson and wife Cindy

Balcony View

Weekend In New Hampshire

This past weekend, two ministries of Vision New England (Vision New England Disability Ministries and Family Builders) combined forces to put on a Couples Retreat for married couples with one or both spouses having a disability. The Lord opened doors for me and John to attend, which was special because we'd never gone away together. We consider it our belated honeymoon.

We stayed at the Barbara C. Harris Center in Greenfield, New Hampshire, a fully wheelchair accessible facility overlooking a lake. What a splended campsite! Our room was spacious, comfortable, and well-suited to our various needs. I loved the woods, dressed in the fading colors of a New England autum. The weather was uncharacteristically mild, which only enhanced everyone's sense of worship.

Willie Batson, the founder of Family Builders Ministries, taught on the theme, "A Chord Of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken." Of course, Jesus is the central strand in a Christian marriage, so Willie identified three aspects of our relationships that can reflect the Lord: Friendship, Grace and Determination.He used the book of Ruth to demonstrate how those qualities can work themselves in marriage. The most profound point he made was that God's purpose in marriage is to display His glory to those who watch the couple.

A young couple from Maine, Garreth and Heather Bowie, volunteered to serve as our attendants for the weekend. They were very attentive, and yet gave us privacy. The Lord matched us well with them.

I praise the Lord for blessing us with such a wonderful weekend! Waiting four and a half years for a honeymoon was well worth it!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Disappointed, But Trusting God

Of course I wish yesterday's election had gone much differently. I believe our country is going to change radically as a result, and I'm not sure those changes will please the Democrats once those changes are taken to their logical conclusions. I'll have more time to elaborate on my beliefs in coming posts, but tonight I just want to say that I believe our country made dangerous decisions yesterday.

Having said so, I also believe God is in control. As He allows us to suffer serious consquences for how we voted, He will work with American Christians to purify us. Again, I'll cite specifics in future entries. I do know that He has His purposes in this election, even if I don't understand most of those purposes. I will honor my Democratic leaders by praying for them. And I'll trust the Lord for America's future,

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Pretty Picture

Those of you who've been reading my blog since July will recognize this little girl. Last night and today I drew the window and curtains, using one of John's photos for the view outside. Hope you'll enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating the picture. If creating digital art is this much fun for me, can you imagine how much fun the Lord must have had creating the heavens and the earth?

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Decision 2006

I've shared many photographs in this blog that John took at various points on Boston's Freedom Trail during our adventures this past summer, and many of those who know us personally have remarked on how neat it is that we've had the opportunity to visit these places. And it is! But I think our summer has done far more that merely provide us with memorable adventures. Rather, it has deepened my conviction that the liberties the early colonists fought and died to bestow on us must be treasured.

Frankly, I don't believe political liberals understand that many of their policies could jeopardize the freedoms that exacted such a cost during the Revolutionary War. Advocates of gay rights and abortion, for example, seek to silence those of us who wish to preserve the Christian morals that men like John Winthrop wanted the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (and, I'm sure, the entire United States) to uphold. Those who don't recognize that our presense in Iraq is crucial in protecting us from terrorists forget that giving our country to radical Muslims will, ironically, make homosexually a capital offense and strip women of far more than "reproductive rights."

This election will determine whether or not America retains the precious freedoms won by the heroes who lie in burial grounds throughout New England. Out of respect for these brave men, please vote on November 7.


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